BellAge Guidance Service: Innovation Squad Preview


Thank you for partnering with us to test our service. Your input will help us design the best possible product.  The BellAge Guidance Service is a confidential, comprehensive assessment of an individual’s health and well-being, including their priorities, social determinants, and other barriers to improvement, as well as a guide for older adults describing key steps they can take to improve their wellbeing.  For our partners, the BellAge Guidance Service additionally provides data and analytics to help organizations understand and improve the wellbeing of the people they serve.


This first exercise is designed to understand your feedback about the initial assessment process.  We will use the regularly scheduled meeting of the Innovation Squad next week to facilitate a discussion of your experience. Please note that we are still early in the development process and a few areas are still under development:

  • Customized content display with the complete rules engine
  • Guidance is included here to show you a taste of the content we are developing
  • Recommendations summary 
  • Some navigation 

To get started, please have ready the reviewer’s password, which was included in your invitation email.